"Community. Walkability. Historic Neighborhood. Feels like a village in a big city. Great businesses. It has everything I need."


Andy Frazier

Frazier Wealth Management

"Beaumont is my community, both for my home and business. I work out, buy pet supplies, bank, buy all my cloths and gifts, eat, and so much more. I love that I know the staff at shops. It makes everything enjoyable. This i my family."


Julie Studer


"I live in the neighborhood. I grew up in the neighborhood and I'm raising my family here too. Beaumont village offers the perfect mix of businesses, families, and culture. It's a walkable and social environment that emphasizes everything there is we love about Portland."


Ted Perkins

Perkolation Page Works

"I like the community feel of the neighborhood. You can feel whatever you need right here. I love that almost all the businesses are independent owners/not chain businesses. Small town America."


Kurt Sand

Sand's Solutions, Inc.

"Beaumont Village is important to me because I live and work here... as a big supporter of community and giving to my local economy, I feel having a thriving business district filled with local boutique businesses helps make a livable and quality neighborhood. Walking to shop without getting in my car is a huge convenience enhancing the quality of my life and filling my need to lower my footprint on this earth. When I can walk down Fremont Street in the heart of Beaumont village and say "hi" to other business owners and see my neighbors I feel connected to where I live-- it is almost like being in a small town!..."


Deb Field, Paperjam

"I grew up in this village, and I've watched it grow. One thing that has remained consistent is the friendliness. I love this village."


Katie Wilgus

Gather Event Planning

The wonderful Beaumont community is what makes Amalfi's a neighborhood restaurant. They appreciate small business and care for their community."


Michelle Gene


"It's where I work, live, eat, and shop. People here are my neighbors, customers, and friends. Plus, they feed me, and if that's not important, I don't know what is."


Jef Atwood

Umpqua Bank