Interviewed/Compiled by BBA Volunteer Susan Trabucco

Address 4831 NE Fremont St #1A, Portland, OR 97213
Phone 503-287-6122
Hours Monday – Friday – 9AM – 5PM
Closed Wednesday – Noon – 1PM

1. What does your business do/sell?

We provide highly rated personal and business insurance and financial services. We can help people with a wide variety of products that allow them to protect their assets and grow their nest egg.
The main categories for which we offer help with are…
• Auto Insurance
• Fire Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Financial Services

2. Did you purchase this business or start the business?

I started my office on September 1, 2008.

3. What inspired you to start your business?

I was a salesperson at Standard TV & Appliance for 5 years prior to starting my insurance business. I could see that my client’s construction clients were cutting back on the number of houses they were building. I started doing some snooping and found that a lot of builders were cutting back. This was a huge source of my business and income. At that point, I knew I needed a change.

I had always wanted my own business and insurance had always interested me. I spoke with multiple people in the field and heard that representing State Farm would be the best option. Having been a client since I got my driver’s license, I knew they took care of their clients. I decided to take the plunge. After almost 2 years of training, I was able to open my own office.

4. When did you open in Beaumont Village, and WHY?

For the first 5 years, my office was located in Parkrose. When my lease was up, I moved to my current location in August of 2013. I moved here for numerous reasons. I have always liked this area. I went to Concordia University just down the road and frequented a few of the restaurants here. I like the feel of a neighborhood that is pedestrian and bike-friendly like this area is. I also like the other businesses around. Most of them have been here for a while which creates a better draw, bringing more people to visit Beaumont Village.

5. What makes your business unique?

Personal service and community involvement separate us from the competition.

Unlike other insurance companies, my office is local and open during normal business hours. If we are closed, I have representatives available 24/7. I have 2 team members in my office that are fully licensed in both Oregon and Washington. They can help with any need that may arise. We also take the time to explain coverages. This allows our client’s to make the right choice for their needs.

I believe in and enjoy giving back to my community. Not only monetary giving, but also giving my time. I am currently on 3 different boards of directors. I am in the Portland New Generations Rotary and participate in multiple local service projects each month. I also attend many community functions as a donor or volunteer.

No one will work harder for you!

6. What is the most interesting thing you’ve done in your life?

On July 4th 1994 I got to attend the U.S. vs Brazil round of 16 for the World Cup at Stanford Stadium. After the game when we were flying home, we got to watch all the fireworks going off around the Portland area. This is still by far the sporting event highlight of my life. I do hope that the upcoming MLS All-star game in Portland will be a close second.